We are skydiver - Somehow Skydive
The first time you jump out of a plane is by fighting all your instincts. Somehow, you manage to escape to the open space. This feeling happens over and over during the skydiving experience.
In the sport of flying  many movements seem to be impossible the first hundred times you try. Then, somehow, one day you learn. And the impossible happens.
Extreme sports are full of these "somehow" feelings.
Somehow is facing, defeating and overcoming oneself. You made it! And it feels so good! 
Somehow is an apparel brand made by and for skydivers. We want to produce cool skydiving energy clothing. With passion for style and quality, we partner with designers from all around the globe.
Clothing... and more to come! Our aspiration is to become the iconic piece of fashion-art inspired by the skydiving lifestyle.
But thats not all: we are eco-friendly! Somehow is very aware of how fashion industry impacts the environment and we want you to shop more ethically. We understand producing on demand is the future of sustainability. Learn more here. Somehow is seeking that feeling, the power, the addiction, the progression, the climax. Heaven. Happiness.
Blue skies, and keep our motivation up!